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Animalia, still, 2006
PERFORMANCE EVENT  <of other spaces>

In the tradition of the happenings of the 1960’s, <of other spaces> will be a unique intermedia performance event that will take participants on a journey to another world, one where the boundaries of technology and human interaction are in flux. The programme is both experimental and responsive; to the interactivity inherent in the works, to the spaces used, and to the presences of the audience. Functioning as street theatre the audience will move from place to space in the viewing of these works.

It will include pieces by Angela Main (animaliaremix- an interactive augmented reality theatre)  with performance artists Rachel Atkinson, Clare Luiten and sound artist Paul Winstanley, in a work which references Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece ; Eve Gordon and Sam Hamilton (film and sound performance); Michele Powles in a suspended performance piece in conjunction with a remote sound artist Adam Hyde; P. Westbourne (environmental sound collage); and others.

The door charge will be $15/$10, numbers limited, bookings essential

There will be a bar and café available